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Inflatable Air Track

Inflatable air track is an blow up air track mat for gymnasts and cheerleaders to practice their skills of gymnastics, and also can be used for gymnastics competitions. They can be made long for gym and outdoor, and small for home and backyard, there is also floating tumble track for water and pool.
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Inflatable Air Track

inflatable air track

How does inflatable air track work?

Inflatable air track, is an air blow up mat to practice skills or do sport on it. It can be used as gym mat, sports mat, yoga mat, and floating water mat. There are 2 types of inflatable air track: Commercial use & Residential use.

1. Commercial inflatable air track, it is usually for some event or competion, larger than 10m length. 

2. Residential inflatable air track, it is usually for kids to excise or fitness at home, garden, backyard, etc. It is 3m*1m*0.1m normally.


Inflatable air track is to decrease the risk of exercise, with the supportive , durable functions, it provide a indoor practice place any time. And you can match different air track, go get a bigger space. By a connection, you can match 2pcs 6m*2m, then you will get a 12m*2m or 12m*4m space. And all size, color is customized.

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