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Thick Exercise Mat

Joyshine gymnastics equipment is durable and high quality. It gives kids a great bounce more similar to a spring floor than a trampoline. It takes the brunt of hard landings reducing the risk of injuries.You can safely and effectively work on standing and running tumbling in your backyard.The air track offers a rebound/bounce similar to a rod floor, It is perfect for working on form and technique .
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thick exercise mat

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The exercise mat's color and size is customized , pls contact us to get more information ^_^

thick exercise mat

Accessories of the thick exercise mat :

01.  Air track *1

02.  High-quality electric air pump *1

03.  Portable carry bag *1

04.  Repair kit *1

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How to Inflate and Deflate the thick exercise mat ?

1. INFLATABLE - Unfold the air track and lay it flatly, then connect the pump tube with valve (the vale corn need spring up)and then turn it until tighly, Then begin to inflate the mat. 

2. It takes about 5-6 minutes until the mat becoming very bouncy.You could demand the mat bouncy according your skill.

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