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human bubble ball

Playing instruction:
1. The range of application: grassland, tile floor or any ground without edged items, 

such as pebbles; not suitable to play on a cement floor.

2. It is a normal phenomenon that plastic products wear out with fierce playing. There is 

an included mending item, better to use with specialized glue.

3. Recommend to use 200W small air pump for inflation. Inflate it to burly; excessive 

inflation may lead to burst. 

4. Make sure no sharp things on the ground when playing the game. Need a carpet on 

the common ground.

5. It is forbidden to carry with keys and mobile phone, glasses and sharp small 

decorations during the playing.

6. Make sure to check the bubble soccer is in good condition, belt and handle are firm 

before playing.

7. Please keep the sign “UP” on bubble soccer in the right direction, Do not slide in 

the bubble soccer in a wrong direction.

8. Player should be in a belt, hold the two handles.




Security activities Note:
. Forbidden to use on a rainy day and the wind above level three.
. Age of 60 should not participate.
. People with heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weak shall not play it.
4. Weight preferably not more than 100 KG

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