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Large Inflatable Tent

This portable inflatable family tent is made of durable transparent PVC tarpaulin. With clean filters, each portable inflatable bubble tent exceeds the 98% efficient rate.
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large inflatable tent

Joyshine Inflatables

There are 2 kinds of inflatable tents: inflatable sale tent, inflatable welded tent. 

1. Inflatable sewed tent:

This store is not sealed, it needs to be inflated all the time by blower. Normally we use nylon material coated with PVC and 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin (for Super Large Shop) to produce it.

2. Inflatable welded tent:

This tent no need to be inflated all the time, So it's also called air tight tent.  You just need to inflate it one time, and take out the air pump and close the valve , the tent can stay inflatable for several days. In this way, the welded tent is very convenient and can be moved everywhere needed.

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