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Inflatable Water Park

Outdoor Inflatable Water Park

outdoor inflatable water park, is a giant blow up water play center for both kids and adults in Summer or hot weather. It usually including inflatable water slide, bounce house,Rock climb wall,and some inflatable obstacle etc. But High quality and better inflatable water park from Joyshine Inflatables.
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outdoor inflatable water park

Joyshine Inflatables

Check out this outdoor inflatable water park playground for kids and adults. It looks like a giant gorgeous palace, and It's a good business for water play center or holds a party for both kids and adults. It included 3 giant inflatable stair water slides with a swimming pool.

Material0.55+0.9mm PVC tarpaulin
ColorAs picture
Warranty3 Years
PackagePVC bag for water park, carton for air blowers
IncludedRepair kit/glue//manual instruction. 

How to repair the outdoor inflatable water park? 

1. Find out the leak, then fill a spray bottle with a mixture of soap and water and spray it liberally on the water sports along the seams. You will notice that the solution starts to bubble up where the leak is located, so take note of the position of the hole. 

2. Prepare the hole for patching. Dry the seam off, and make sure that it is completely deflated before attempting to patch the seam. If you have the patch kit that came with the water sports, you can use the prep solution to thoroughly clean the rubber before proceeding. Rubbing alcohol also works. 

3. Apply plumber's goop liberally to the seam and let it dry for about 15minutes. If possible, apply some goop to the inside of the seam as well, so that it spreads out and gives an extra layer of protection when the water sports pressurizes. 

4. Inflate the water sports halfway with air and wait another 30minutes or so to make sure that the goop has dried completely.  

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