• Joyshine Inflatables, a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. Including inflatable castle, inflatable slide, inflatable water park, inflatable tents, inflatable games, inflatable water toys, air track, and advertising inflatables. All……
    Dec 17
  • Bumper ball, also called bubble soccer, is an inflatable ball with hollow space, with a person inside, Player stand in the middle of the bumper ball, then holding it up to hit other players. It has been a popular game among kids and adults.……
    Dec 16
  • Inflatable mechanical bull, is powered and controlled by an electric motor, also you need a staff to control speed to make it more exciting. and there is a bounce horse in the middle of the inflatable mat. Players ride on and straddle the bull, rodeo……
    Dec 12
  • Team building games are a good method to bring your colleague together, help the team learn about each other more and better by the way of playing game. Here are a list of some China popular team-building activities according to our experience.……
    Dec 07
  • Nov 28
  • When the zorb ball rolling down on the ground, the person inside will roll with the zorb ball, image that, it’s very crazy and funny experience.……
    Oct 25
  • Safety is so important for us, especially for skiing people, Such as Athletes, Workers, They need a right equipment to help with that.……
    Oct 19
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