Advertising inflatable air dancers
Oct 17, 2018

Inflatable air dancer

Basic knowledge: 

Inflatable air dancers play an important role in advertising promotion. It’s easy to get public’s eye on your business. Such as products fresh sales, wedding used bride and groom air dancer, Or outdoor events, Welcome ceremony, Store opening, etc. The funny wavy air dancer will tell passersby what you’re doing.

Air dancer type:

Normal size : 6ft / 10ft / 20ft .

Classic type: 1 leg/ 2 legs / 1 arm / 2 arms

Character: Advertising arrow air dancer, Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus air dancer, Halloween inflatable ghost air dancer, Wedding bride and groom air dancer, and many other animal or cartoon air dancers .


Air dancer usage: 

In a word, Inflatable air dancer is suitable for any promotion, activities, events .The perfect tool to attract customer and promote your business .


Joyshine Inflatable air dancer:

Joyshine has many types of air dancer design. All of Joyshine Inflatable air dancers can be customized with your own add, such as company logo, company slogan, website, contact way, etc .Our professional designer will give you suggestion, but it’s better to choose the air dancer that you think could help your business.

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