Inflatable Zorb Ball Games For Adults and Kids
Oct 25, 2018

The world’s largest zorb ball is produced in New Zealand, more than 700 meters, It spend minutes to roll the zorb ball from top to the end.


Zorb ball is so crazy and funny, but also a little dangerous at the same time. As a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, we’d like to give you some tips:


一Follow people pls pay attention(shouldn’t be involved):

1. People who heart disease, hypertension and weak physique tourists is pay attention.

2. People under aged 12 years and above 50 years.

3. Fat people more than 100 kg.


二Tips when playing the zorb ball:

1. Player do not walk out the zorb ball immediately, after the zorb ball stop rolling, player should stop stay 1-2 mins inside the zorb ball.

2. Cell phone, car keys, home keys, high heels shoes, such sharp things shouldn’t inside the zorb ball, it will hurt yourself or make the zorb damaged easily .

3. By the way, Spring, Autumn, such cool weather is an idea time to go play zorb ball with friends or family.


三How to distinguish the inflatable zorb ball ?

There are PVC and TPU material Inflatable zorb ball. TPU is better quality than PVC, also more expensive . Generally speaking, There’re 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m. 

if you know more information on inflatable zorb ball . website:

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