New giant inflatable jungle bounce castle playground
Nov 02, 2018

Inflatable water play games, suitable for kids and adults. because it’s funny and safe for them. And some Inflatable water games also need to cooperate with others, so children will know team work while having fun.

1, Slip n Slide

Generally speaking, Inflatable water slides is a must have in an inflatable water theme park. It's smaller than normal inflatable slide, from one inflatables to another inflatables.

2, Inflatable water buoy

If you own a big pool in the inflatable water theme park, then you can put some water buoy.

3, Inflatable iceberg

It’s the second included inflatables in every water theme park, children climbing and get down

4, Inflatable water ball/roller

Inflatable water ball also can be used in the water park, for children, it’s 1.2m, and 1.5m/1.8m for adults.

5. Inflatable water trampoline

With a big platform, children jumping and laughing there, they love that.

Besides the 5 inflatable toys, there are also: Inflatable swimming ring, inflatable duck, inflatable boat, Inflatable seesaw, inflatable disco boat , etc , Well if you would you like to see more inflatable water play equipments, welcome to contact us: 

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