Paddle Board Instructions: How to blow up a paddle board
Jan 26, 2019
Inflate of stand up paddle board:
1. First, take out the stand up paddle board, then fill it out.
2. Open the cover of the valve, leak out the gas core, press the inner core of the valve, check whether the valve is closed or inflated, and connect the joint of the air pump to the valve to tighten.
3. Put the pump on the hard surface horizontally. When you first pump the sup, you may need more strength than the later pumping. Start to inflate. The sup can be filled up in about 2 minutes to observe the air pressure.
4. When you reach 10PSI, it may be very difficult to continue to inflate, but keep inflating, observe the hardness of the surfboard and the display of the barometer. The harder the charging, the better the surfboard will be used. You will master the inflation when you are inflated for a long time. The scale of the surfboard can also depend on your experience and feelings.
Deflate of the stand up paddle board:
When you intend to deflate the sup, open the valve cover and gently press the inner core of the valve, the sup will be relieved. Once the pressure inside the sup is reduced, the operation will be very easy. Only the inner core of the valve is needed. Keep deflated and the sup will continue to deflate.
Storage of the stand up paddle board:
1. Roll up or inflated can be placed
2. Do not spend long time in the sun, long-term fading of the surfboard
3. you will find that the surfboard will become harder at high temperatures, don't worry, this is a good surfboard feature
4. When you deflate the surfboard, don't let it roll too tightly. It is best not to curl it, because the long-term curl will make the PVC attached to the surface of the surfboard uneven, and damage the anti-slip. 
5. When curling the surfboard, please take care to disassemble the fins (fins/tails). Our surfboards have been improved and equipped with detachable fins.

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