Safety rules for inflatable castle
Jan 24, 2019
1. Do not use a bouncy castle outdoors when rain or wind weather;
2. Clean and disinfect the inflatable bouncer regularly, you can use washing powder or laundry detergent to clean, and use after drying;
3. When using it, be sure to check whether the fan voltage matches the specification;
4. Pay attention to the little kids play exciting games;
5. Store it in the warehouse with temperature at -50 degrees - 40 degrees.
6. Avoid age differences, prevent older children and young children from colliding, or older children bullying young children;
7. The administrator should always pay attention to teach children to follow the rules of the game to play.
8. When operating outdoors, use sandbags or ground nails to fix the windproof pull ring on the product.
9. Tthe weather above the fourth grade wind, please be sure to stop business.

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