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How Much Cost For One Inflatable Water Park ?
Nov 09, 2018

How much cost for one inflatable water park?

 inflatable water park

Inflatable water park cost:

inflatable water park, It's also called inflatable floating park, aqua park, water playground. As we all know how much popular the inflatable water park is. It can be an obstacle course on sea, lake or beach. You can see it mainly in Summer, it's the best play center for kids and adults. So how much does that cost? Here are some tips on that.

inflatable water park

Generally speaking, the matter is size and item included. We are unable to tell you how much it exactly cost if have no any information such as size, or play part included. Because for the same size, if different items inside, the price will be different too.  Also, the same item included, if different size, the cost will not be same. So that's why we can't give you the precious price without any information. Actually, the size is about 35-40usd/ square item. And pls note that the material must be 0.9mm PVC, it’s better for 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin or Plato material.

inflatable water park

No matter you are going to make a large one or a small one, the most important thing is to confirm the size and items included, you can tell the supplier what kinds of water park you need or you send them to picture directly.

inflatable water park

Joyshine inflatables is a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, products including Inflatable castle, water park, inflatable slide, inflatable tent, inflatable games, air track, advertising inflatables, etc . Where to buy high quality and better price inflatable water park? Where to contact us. You can just tell us what items included and the size you need, our designer will provide you with the best choice.

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