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How To Choose A Good Inflatable Castle Mobile Water Park?
Jul 10, 2018

First, the material is expensive. The same is the material, Plato's material, is to be more than the other manufacturers of a few cents per square.

To the actual product, each square is a few dollars more than your last. Second, the process is expensive. The same is the castle, with glue material protection strips, and hot air blowing protection, the cost of both is very distinct. The wages of a high-temperature worker can be higher than the wages of two viscose general workers.

What's more, with hot air wrapping, three more people working at the same time? Third, the design is expensive. Most of the small factories are designed to be drawn directly by hand, without drawings. No computer. Completely eliminates the cost of designing this piece.

Generally speaking, a product design, design costs must account for at least five yuan per square. Four, cutting expensive. The pure hand-cut, a pair of scissors a ruler, is finished. We use computer cutting machine, machine loss, electricity is very expensive. Two cutting machines, working at the same time, an hour to use 50 degrees of electricity. Only the cost of electricity is more than the cutting costs of those small factories.

Not to mention the labor costs.

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