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How To Manage Different Areas?
Jul 10, 2018

Children's entertainment area As the main consumer of mobile water amusement park, children should be specially opened for children's entertainment area.

Children's entertainment area equipment should be mainly a mild inflatable swimming pool, inflatable water slides, water floating on the basis of appropriate collocation of water equipment or wave-making equipment, to mobilize children's enthusiasm for playing water.

Adult entertainment Area Parents to accompany their children to play must be involved in, taking into account the characteristics of adult water play, it is recommended to plan a dedicated adult leisure area. The equipment of the adult leisure area should mainly be the bracket swimming pool, the more exciting water slide, the wave-making ball, the water flush off and so on.

Let parents and friends in the care of their children can also enjoy the leisurely water summer time.

Comfortable rest Area Whether it is parents or children will have to play tired want to rest for a while, so a comfortable and tidy rest area is particularly important.

And these fashionable hot mom and dad in the rest of the time a variety of cold snacks will be consumed non-stop, these sideline consumption seemingly humble, but carefully calculated to all kinds of profits only investors themselves clear.

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