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Trade Show Exhibition Advertising Inflatables
Oct 15, 2018

Joyshine Inflatables

Participating in trade shows is part of doing business. No matter which industry we are in, there are many opportunities to participate in the show to showcase our best, latest products or services. The exhibition is not only to show customers good products or services, but also to learn more from competitors and understand the new trends in the current market.


Many companies participate in exhibitions and even outdoor publicity activities can bring a lot of suppliers, so innovation can make you stand out and have an advantage. The tools you promote must be creative. Therefore, we recommend inflatable led booths and inflatable desk, inflatable chair, as well as some corporate image shapes, as well as interesting inflatable model, including air dancers and helium balloons.


Generally speaking, the exhibition is usually one day, and many companies will bring their products or services. The competition is quite intense. First of all, the entrance booth of the exhibition is the best location, of course, it will be quite expensive. For SMEs, it is a large expense. Second, use eye-catching creative inflatable products such as air dancers, inflatable models and inflatable pvc dress. The company's main products and telephones can be printed on these products, which can effectively achieve the purpose of publicity.

Joyshine Advertising inflatables: Air dancer, Inflatable model, Inflatable tube, Inflatable booth, Inflatable arch, Inflatable board, etc . 

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