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Why Is Moving The Water Paradise So Lucrative?
Jul 10, 2018

The investment cost of the 01 Mobile water park is really low compared to other water amusement projects, the investment cost of mobile water park is very low, and its demand for the site is very low. Eco-farm, farm-picking garden, ecological sightseeing garden, scenic spot, resort, ski area, Square, stadium, property development reservation, beach and other places are suitable.

In addition, the demolition and installation of mobile water park is also very convenient, the end of the business season, equipment demolition into the warehouse can be used in the coming year, do not occupy the site will not damage the site, which also determines its investment threshold is also very low, resulting in a lot of investors can join! 02 Mobile water Park Ticketing is really very low compared to other aquatic amusement places, mobile water park ticketing is quite pro-people.

General price positioning in 30 yuan/person, buy words will be more favorable! However, it is worth mentioning that the mobile water park, although the price is low, its ornamental and play interesting but not higher than other high price of water park venues low.

Therefore, based on this, mobile water park can bring a steady stream of traffic.

Mobile water park can be investment Because the mobile water park has a great deal of traffic around it, it is also favored by traders such as food, supermarkets and department stores.

Investors can choose to point or venue leasing in the form of these ancillary merchants to invest, so as to earn a certain profit.

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