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Inflatable Dry Slide

Awesome Slip N Slide For Sale

Awesome Slip N Slide For Sale

Joyshine is a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, we have inflatable city slide, water slide, dry slide, suitable for kids and adults .
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awesome slip n slide for sale

Specifications: According to customer needs or customized, we can design different sizes and colors according to customers' needs. Conventional colors are red, yellow, blue, purple, white, black, gray, green, and the like. The conventional thickness is 0.55MM. Designed and produced according to customer requirements.

Material: High-strength polymer composite 0.55 thick PVC mesh cloth, anti-aging test passed, in line with international EN-71 fire retardant standard, EU ROH environmental protection low toxicity standard. The material meets the export standards of the world.

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