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Inflatable Dry Slide

Cheap Inflatable Slip N Slide

Joyshine is a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, we have inflatable city slide, water slide, dry slide, suitable for kids and adults .
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cheap inflatable slip n slide

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Brand Name



0.55 mm PVC Tarpaulin


Customized size




CE Air Blower (220v~240v / 110v~120v) and Repair Kits


CE, EN14960


PVC Bag for inflatable and carton for Air Pump

Inflate Time

Less than 10 minutes

Leading Time

About 5-10 working days or based on your quantity

Delivery Time

About 4-35 days based on the shipment way



What are the precautions for using the product and how to care for the product?


A: Please ensure that the power supply is normal and the fan is working properly during use. If you need to replace the power supply or turn off the fan, please make sure that the child has been evacuated. Use this product in sea or other windy areas, please fix the product on the ground. When using, please make sure that the ground is flat and there are no sharp points and protrusions. A protective layer shall be placed on the ground, and commercially available colored strips may be used. During the use of the product, there may be stains that can be washed with bath essence. Use a soft towel when cleaning, not a hard brush. When not in use for a long time, please keep the trampoline dry and put it in a cool dry place. If it is rained during use, please turn on the product at the first time, blow it up with a fan, open the remaining fan ports, blow off the internal water vapor, and do the appropriate drying. The product is sewn by high-speed industrial sewing machine. It is not a sealed product. It needs a pinhole to run the air blower without interruption. It can achieve the effect of bounce. Therefore, the product leaks and does not have to worry about normal operation. This product is in the form of continuous inflation, and the air supply is large. In order to make the toy have good elasticity, some parts of such toys need to leak, otherwise the toy will affect the entertainment effect!


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