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Inflatable Dry Slide

Inflatable Slide Jumping

Joyshine is a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, we have inflatable city slide, water slide, dry slide, suitable for kids and adults .
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inflatable slide jumping

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What's the specification of the Inflatable amusement park slide ?

Item Inflatable amusement park slide MOQ 1 piece


0.55mm PVC tarpaulin OEM Available






By air,by sea or others

All Free

1pc repair kit

air blower by CE or UL, 


Delivery time 7-10 working days


PVC bag for inflatable,

carton for blower


T/T,Paypal, Western union



Product use instructions:


1. Spread the inflatable slide on the ground. It is best to put a cushion cloth under the equipment (such as color strip cloth, tarpaulin, canvas, etc.)

2. Professional electricians with technical certification shall carry out wiring, installation and maintenance in accordance with the national regulations on safe use of electricity.

3. Check whether the fan power matches the total and sub-cables used.

4. Use the fan according to the fan description. Check if the fan is loose, turn the fan blade for odor, and then turn on the power test machine after determining the normal condition; when using the three-phase fan, it is best to use the phase failure protector to avoid the phase burnout.

5. When starting multiple fans, you can start it once. After the previous fan runs for 20-30 seconds, start the next one.

6. The new equipment leaks less. In the first period, only a part of the fan port is used. Later, the equipment is soft and hard, and the fan ports are gradually tied.

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