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Inflatable Water Slide

Bouncy Water Slides

Joyshine is a leading inflatables manufacturer in Guangzhou, we have inflatable city slide, water slide, dry slide, suitable for kids and adults .
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bouncy water slides

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Brand Name



0.55 mm PVC Tarpaulin


Customized size




CE Air Blower (220v~240v / 110v~120v) and Repair Kits


CE, EN14960


PVC Bag for inflatable and carton for Air Pump

Inflate Time

Less than 10 minutes

Leading Time

About 5-10 working days or based on your quantity

Delivery Time

About 4-35 days based on the shipment way


Inflatable slide instruction manual


First, the installation of the inflatable slide:

1. Place the inflatable slide on a flat surface. It is best to put a cloth underneath and then unfold it.

2. Locate the air inlet of the inflatable slide, connect it to the fan outlet, tighten the fan port, and tie the spare air inlet with a rope.

3. Turn on the blower and the device will bulge within 5-10 minutes.


Second, the installation of supporting fans:

1. Use the national standard 1.5mm2-4 mm2 cable to connect several fans to the fan, the other end to the air switch, and connect the electric shock protector

2. Before use, check if the power supply voltage matches the nameplate and the direction of rotation is correct.

3. The chassis should be connected to a reliable ground wire and checked regularly to press the air inlet of the fan to the protective net to avoid accidents.


Third, the inflatable castle's cleaning collection:

1. Turn off the power, open the fan interface and exhaust port, the exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the residual gas should be squeezed. If the equipment enters the water because of rain, be sure to drain the water and dry it.

2. To do the cleaning treatment, use the washing powder to wipe off the stains and oil stains, then wipe it with clean water and dry it.

3. Fold the device, cover the front with the bottom surface, and cover it with a tarp.

4. If you don't use it for a long time, fold the equipment, bundle it, and pack it. The storage temperature is generally between -50 and +40 degrees Celsius.

5. Fans should pay attention to moisture and corrosion. The air mold equipment should pay attention to the prevention of rat bites.

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